Project archive


The Hackney Circle

The Hackney Circle is a pilot project which is being developed by The Decorators with the residents of Keswick and Parton lodge, a supported housing scheme for older people on the edge of Dalston Square. There are currently 376,250 elderly people in care homes in England, and with a rapidly ageing population the issue of social isolation that many retirement homes face can be exacerbated by the rapid process of gentrication and change that many of London’s inner city boroughs are experiencing.


The National Art & Design Saturday Club

Exhibition design, invites and posters for the The National Art & Design Saturday Club exhibition at the Somerset House. The exhibition presented drawings, paintings, photography, printmaking, ceramics, and digital graphics produced by 400 young people aged 14–16.


Ridley’s Temporary Restaurant

Ridley’s was a temporary, experimental restaurant on Ridley road Market. It promoted a food for food exchange method with the purpose of combining an investigation into alternative economies, architecture and food. For 3 weeks Ridley’s worked as a vehicle to intermix the local community, the market traders and the project participants, chefs, architects and designers.


All Dayer

Wallpaper poster for the punk festival in Bethnal Green, London.