Custom typeface


Chrisp Street on Air

Chrisp Street on Air is a project to record, discuss and celebrate the distinctive character of Chrisp Street Market. It is a project about the local businesses, personal stories and everyday life of this part of East London. The project involved the making and recording of a series of 9 radio podcasts about Chrisp Street and the local area, alongside a series of live events in the market. The Chrisp Street on Air headquarters were a disused shop converted into a temporary recording studio that hosted a series of dinners and public recording and broadcasting sessions to discuss the future of the market.


Cottrell House

Permanent sign and movable signage for the building on Hill road, Wembley. The visual identity for the space included the design of a custom alphabet inspired by the original black and white mosaic of the columns and of the building façade.


The Decorators

The visual identity for the art and architecture collective The Decorators is based on the single weight typeface “Think-Make-Use”, the letters are made of segments of variable lenght, echoing the language of diagrams and drawings used by The Decorators to articulate their projects, and to link different contexts, expertise, people and ideas.


Entrepreneurship in Technology Ventures

Poster for a lecture series at the ETH Zurich, engineering, science, technology, mathematics and management University in Switzerland.