I see the promised land

Half way in between an illustrated book and a graphic novel, the book wants to marry the story of Martin Luther King Jr as narrated by African-American writer Arthur Flower, to the scrolls illustrated by Manu Chitrakar, artist from the Bengal region of India, making art according to the style and colour palette of the Patua tradition.


Polpo A Venetian Cookbook

Venetian cookbook (of sorts) and short gazetteer of bars and restaurants of the city. From cicchetti to drinks, the book is a cookery book with the feeling of a diary, with Russell Norman’s selection of recipes pairing with Jenny Zarins’ photographs of kitchens, outdoor markets in Venice and indoor shots of Polpo restaurant in London.


David Hockney: A Bigger Picture

Catalogue of the exhibition David Hockney: A Bigger Picture. The book presents the different work on show at the Royal Academy, which also redefines him as an important painter of the English Countryside. Together with traditional paintings, sketchbooks and watercolours, the book shows the changing of the seasons in Yorkshire through the use of digital media: photography, film and iPad drawings.