Cities Methodologies

Poster, guide and events calendar for the annual exhibition showcasing innovative urban research methodologies. The exhibition presents innovative urban research methods and showcases cross-disciplinary work on cities worldwide.


Kos Recipes

Set of 4 recipe posters and paper bags for the Ghananian shop in Walthamstow, London. The different horizontal and vertical rule patterns and circles are produced using as stamps the plastic lids of cooking sauces and the bases of little glass jars.


The Hackney Circle

The Hackney Circle is a pilot project which is being developed by The Decorators with the residents of Keswick and Parton lodge, a supported housing scheme for older people on the edge of Dalston Square. There are currently 376,250 elderly people in care homes in England, and with a rapidly ageing population the issue of social isolation that many retirement homes face can be exacerbated by the rapid process of gentrication and change that many of London’s inner city boroughs are experiencing.



Poster and postcards for Cristina Picchi’s experimental documentary Zima (Winter). The film was described as the portrait of “a journey through North Russia and Siberia, through the feelings and thoughts of the people who have to cope with one of the world’s harshest climates; a reality where the boundary between life and death is so thin that is sometimes almost nonexistent, where civilisation constantly both fights and embraces nature and its timeless rules and rites…


The National Art & Design Saturday Club

Exhibition design, invites and posters for the The National Art & Design Saturday Club exhibition at the Somerset House. The exhibition presented drawings, paintings, photography, printmaking, ceramics, and digital graphics produced by 400 young people aged 14–16.


Archive Live V&A

Set of posters printed live from the temporary office that was set up in the atrium of the V&A Museum as part of the Friday Late night series at the V&A. The project aimed to investigate the way people behave and interact within the museum environment. A team of volunteers moved around 9 selected museum pieces over-hearing people conversations when walking in proximity to the piece; the real time feed was then taken to the atrium where the poster was typeset, printed and hung on a custom made archive display.


Entrepreneurship in Technology Ventures

Poster for a lecture series at the ETH Zurich, engineering, science, technology, mathematics and management University in Switzerland.


All Dayer

Wallpaper poster for the punk festival in Bethnal Green, London.