Public realm


Chrisp Street on Air

Chrisp Street on Air is a project to record, discuss and celebrate the distinctive character of Chrisp Street Market. It is a project about the local businesses, personal stories and everyday life of this part of East London. The project involved the making and recording of a series of 9 radio podcasts about Chrisp Street and the local area, alongside a series of live events in the market. The Chrisp Street on Air headquarters were a disused shop converted into a temporary recording studio that hosted a series of dinners and public recording and broadcasting sessions to discuss the future of the market.


Ridley’s Temporary Restaurant

Ridley’s was a temporary, experimental restaurant on Ridley road Market. It promoted a food for food exchange method with the purpose of combining an investigation into alternative economies, architecture and food. For 3 weeks Ridley’s worked as a vehicle to intermix the local community, the market traders and the project participants, chefs, architects and designers.