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34 Belmont road London N15 3LT

Bandiera is a graphic design studio in London.

Reflecting a mix of interests and influences, our portfolio describes an approach which is forward looking from a historical perspective. This approach considers a project’s context and background as the starting points for ideas to emerge and evolve — into functional solutions and products.

Moving from an interest in everyday life and culture, we endeavour to produce work using text, images, materials and processes — exploring forms of storytelling and media in different contexts — from publications to the public realm.

We work with researchers, educators and progressive institutions on a series of publications debating key urban questions from different perspectives. We collaborate with architects and local authorities on the design of visual identities, signage and websites — striving to produce work which is engaging, meaningful, informative and accessible without being reductive.

Since 2012 Bandiera is involved in a research and design project with a publisher in the US, type and book designers in the UK, and editors and translators across the world. Typeset in eight different scripts and published in twenty-two volumes so far, the series discloses centuries of literature from the Indian subcontinent.

Bandiera is also an avid collector of books that reveal utmost care for typographic details — and of rough and ready publications, printed in pale ink, on thin paper and loosely bound. Old maps and tourist guides, books for children and books about art, architecture, gardening, animals and botany — dictionaries and small encyclopaedias, including those written in languages that we cannot read.

Bandiera [bɐnˈdɪːrɐ] means 'flag' in Italian, it was founded in 2013 by Guglielmo Rossi, and subsequently joined by Paola Ferrarotti and Joe Davis.

Photography: Anna Positano